FSC Colloquium on Resolution | 20 June 2019 in Brussels

The joint academic colloquium was held June 20, 2019 in Brussels at the premises of the Single Resolution Board. The call for papers had been addressed to senior scientists and experienced scholars with a research focus on aspects of the bank resolution framework. Purpose of the event was to bridge acacemic with policy-making expertise and to in-depth discuss challenges ahead.

FRS Financial Risk and Stability Network
Single Resolution Board
Material of the FSC Colloquium on Resolution:

Some of the presentations and prepared discussions of the sessions held at the colloquium are available below.

Bank Resolution Regimes and Systemic Risk
Presenter: Thorsten Beck, Cass Business School
Authors of the relating paper (not public): Thorsten Beck (Cass Business School), Deyan Radev (University of Bonn), Isabel Schnabel (University of Bonn)

Publication (on which presentation was based):
The Single Resolution Mechanism and the Single Resolution Fund: Legal aspects of the second main pillar of the Banking Union
Presenter and author: Christos Gortsos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Paper discussion:
Liquidity Provision in Resolution and Post Resolution: Comments to Christos Gortos
Discussant: María Nieto, Bank of Spain

FSC Colloquium on Resolution – PROGRAM
20 June 2019 – Brussels  |  9:00 – 15:00 h  |  Single Resolution Board

Academic colloquium ahead to the Financial Stability Conference 2019:
EU between Regress and Progress: How to cope with National Banking Policies, Single Market Deficiencies and the unsolved Sharing Issue

The colloquium was a precursor to the Financial Stability Conference to be held on 28 October in Berlin. Experienced scientists in the disciplines of economics, law, finance, banking and political economy as well as senior researchers from public authorities and EU institutions were invited to submit papers on relevant aspects of the bank resolution framework and related subjects to present and discuss them at the colloquium. Three papes had been selected for presentation and discussion. Participation in the joint colloquium was by invitation only.

Program schedule:

08:45  Check-in and Coffee

09:10  Welcome and Opening
Martin Aehling, Director, FRS Financial Risk and Stability Network


09:15  Keynote
Elke König, Chair, Single Resolution Board


9:35  Session  I

Liquidity in Resolution under the Framework governing the Single Resolution Mechanism and the Single Resolution Fund
Presenter:  Christos Gortsos, Professor of Public Economic Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Discussant:  Maria Nieto, Senior Advisor, Bank of Spain
Pleany discussion

Chair:  Gaetan Viallard, Head of Unit, Single Resolution Board


10:30  Coffee Break


11:00  Session  II

The new EU Framework for Banking Crisis Management: Rules versus Discretion
Presenter:  Concetta Brescia Morra, Professor of Economic Law, University of Roma Tre
Discussant:  Donato Messineo, Legal Counsel, Bank of Italy
Pleany discussion

Chair:  Nadège Jassaud, Head of Unit, Single Resolution Board


11:55  Session  III

Bank Resolution Regimes and Systemic Risk
Presenter:  Thorsten Beck, Professor of Banking and Finance, Cass Business School
Discussant:  Bart Joosen, Professor of Financial Law, VU University Amsterdam
Pleany discussion

Chair:  Marc Roovers, Director Resolution, De Nederlandsche Bank


12:50  Light Lunch


13:45  Panel Discussion

Looking forward: How to tackle Challenges to Resolution and Impediments to Practice

Discussant:  Andrew Lodge, Head of Resolution Division, Bank of England
Discussant:  Christian Stiefmüller, Senior Research and Advocacy Advisor, Finance Watch
Discussant:  Emiliano Tornese, Deputy Head Resolution and Deposit Insurance, European Commission
Discussant:  Tsvetomira Tsenova, Senior Economics Adviser, Experian
Discussant:  Ruth Walters, Senior Advisor, Bank for International Settlements

Moderator:  Sebastiano Laviola, Board Member, Single Resolution Board


14:45  Information

14:50  Wrap up and Closing
Samy Harraz, Head of Policy Coordination and International Relations, Single Resolution Board

15:00  End