How to design the future EU Financial System? Resolution Framework, Crisis Prevention and Capital Markets Union

High level joint conference with a most topical program in Berlin. The conference has been coordinated and organised by Financial Risk and Stability Network.

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09:00  Opening
Martin Aehling, Head, Financial Risk and Stability Network


09:15  Welcome Address
Klaus Feiler, State Secretary, Berlin Senate for Finance


09:30  Keynote
Ending “too big to fail” – Have we completed the Job?

Dr. Elke König, Chair, Single Resolution Board


10:15  Panel Discussion I
Resolution Framework and Resolution Board:
Is the Work done?

–   Preparing Resolution and Evaluation of Living Wills: Are we on Track?
–   Resolution Powers: How independent is the Board from Interferences?
–   Implementing credible Resolution Planning: Are Taxpayers out now?
–   Lagging behind: A common legal Bank Insolvency Regime in the EU

Olivier Jaudoin, Director Resolution,
French Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority
Dr. Elke König, Chair, Single Resolution Board
Christophe Nijdam, Secretary General, Finance Watch
Fatima Pires, Head of the Financial Regulation Division,
European Central Bank
Emiliano Tornese, Deputy Head, Resolution and Crisis
Management Unit, DG Fisma, European Commission
Moderation: Prof. Jörg Rocholl, President,
ESMT European School of Management and Technology

11:15    Coffee


11:45  Panel Discussion II
Resolution Tools:
How to make Bail-in operational and effective?

–   Are the Settings and Requirements for Bail-in-able Liabilities sufficient?
–   How to organize Liquidation and Resolution Plan Transparency?
–   Cross-border Banks in the Case of Failure: How to resolve in Practice?
–   How have Banks to adopt and change their Business Structures?

Günter Borgel, Member of the Management Board,
Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation
Dr. Thomas Dohrn, Policy Expert, Resolution Unit,
European Banking Authority
Monica Marcucci, Senior Lawyer, Bank of Italy
Dr. Wilfried Paus, Global Head Risk Analytics & Living Wills,
Deutsche Bank
Dr. Sven Schelo, Partner, Restructuring & Insolvency, Linklaters
Moderation: Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, President,
German Institute for Economic Research – DIW Berlin


13:00    Lunch


14:00  Panel Discussion III
Crisis Prevention and Macroprudential Policy:
Mission impossible?

–   What are the various Instruments and how can they work?
–   How will they interact with Monetary and Fiscal Policy?
–   How shall Marcoprudential Policy be organized effectively?
–   What are the Repercussions on the EU Banking Sector?

Prof. Arnoud Boot, University of Amsterdam, and
Co-Director, Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics
Prof. Stijn Claessens, Senior Advisor, International
Finance Division, U.S. Federal Reserve System
Francesco Mazzaferro, Head of the Secretariat,
European Systemic Risk Board
Dr. Rolf Strauch, Member of the Management Board,
European Stability Mechanism
Moderation: Prof. Henrik Enderlein, Director, Jacques Delors
Institut – Berlin, and Professor, Hertie School of Governance

15:15    Coffee


15:45  Keynote
Macroprudential Policy in Europe:
Ensuring Financial Stability in a Banking and Capital Markets Union

Dr. Vitor Constâncio, Vice-President, European Central Bank


16:30  Panel Discussion IV
The EU Financial System:
How to better design for sustainable Growth?

–   How to overcome Fragmentation and push Intermediation?
–   Which regulatory and policy Settings are inducing Growth?
–   Can the Capital Market Union be an appropriate Stimulator?
–   What Policy Choices and alternative Options do we have?

Colin Ellis, Chief Credit Officer, Moody’s
Dr. Levin Holle, Director General Financial Markets Policy,
German Federal Ministry of Finance
Liz Meneghello, Head of Capital Markets Union and
CCP Resolution, HM Treasury
Martin Merlin, Director Financial Markets,
DG Fisma, European Commission
Dr. Christian Thimann, Member of the Executive Committee,
AXA Group
Moderation: Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow, Bruegel


17:40   Closing
Organiser & Co-Organisers

17:50   Get together