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FRS Financial Risk and Stability gGmbH
ESMT Berlin
Florence School of Banking and Finance
organising committee:

Martin Aehling, Director, FRS Financial Risk and Stability gGmbH
Prof. Arnoud Boot, Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, University of Amsterdam
Prof. Elena Carletti, Professor of Finance, Bocconi University
Prof. Stefan Janssen, Professor for Corporate Finance and Banking, Jade University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Bart Joosen, Professor of Financial Law, VU University Amsterdam
Prof. Luís Silva Morais, Professor of Law, University of Lisbon, School of Law
Prof. Georg Ringe, Professor of Law and Economics, University of Hamburg
Prof. Jörg Rocholl, President, ESMT Berlin

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Single Resolution Board
Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics
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EU between Regress and Progress: How to cope with National Banking Policies, Single Market Deficiencies and the unsolved Sharing Issue
– Political dynamics and their repercussions on regulatory and institutional settings


High-level public conference with a most topical program in fall in Berlin. The organisers take a foremost policy-oriented stance to discuss some of the most crucial issues lying ahead. Central questions will be

  • how current changes in the political landscape impact financial markets integration and resilience,
  • the implications of surging national banking policies on competition, harmonisation and diversity,
  • how to tackle obstacles, legal constraints and policy interferences to bank resolution, and
  • how to achieve common grounds on instruments, frameworks and procedures as regards risk sharing.
28 October 2019 at ESMT Berlin
09:00  –  18:10 h  followed by a get together
Provisional Agenda (subject of changes):

08:15  Check-in

Tentative program schedule:

09:00  Opening

Martin Aehling, Director, FRS Financial Risk and Stability Network


09:15  Address

Matthias Kollatz, Senator for Finance, Berlin


09:30  Keynote



10:05  Panel  I  –  Discussion
National banking policies and the new EU political landscape: stuck between reform ambitions and disintegration tendencies

–   Lost in Frustration: The implications of EP Elections and Brexit on EU financial Integration
–   Lost in Temptations: Promoting ‚Champions‘ and puzzling Calls for ‚pan-european Banks‘
–   Lost in Sheltering: state interferences and the protection of national banking eco-systems
–   Uneven Policies: Regulatory Ring-Fencing and the Use of Options and National Discretions

Arnoud Boot, Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, University of Amsterdam
Karin Dohm, Global Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs and Group Structuring, Deutsche Bank
Korbinian Ibel, Director General Microprudential Supervision IV, European Central Bank
Christian Stiefmüller, Senior Research and Advocacy Advisor, Finance Watch
Moderation:  Elena Carletti, Professor of Finance, Bocconi University


11:15    Coffee


11:45  Panel  II  –  Impulse


11:55  Panel  II  –  Discussion
Between wishful thinking and feasibility: how to remove obstacles to true competition and a common beneficial single market

–   Reasonings: Logic and Benefits of an Integrated Financial Market in the EU
–   How did we get here? From the Treaty of Rome to the European Banking Union
–   Taking stock: What are the Remaining Practical Hurdles to Further Integration?
–   Action: What Steps are Needed to achieve a Fully Integrated Financial Market?

Peter Grasmann, Head, EU/Euro Area Financial System Unit, European Commission
Aurelio Maccario, Head of Group Regulatory Affairs, Unicredit
Moderation:  Jörg Rocholl, President, ESMT Berlin


13:00    Lunch


14:00  Keynote



14:30  Panel  III  –  Impulse

Boštjan Jazbec, Board Member, Director of Resolution Planning and Decisions, Single Resolution Board

14:40  Panel  III  –  Discussion
Making resolution work: how to deal with legal loopholes, institutional implementation challenges and impediments to practice

–   Application Constraints: No-Creditor-Worse-off, Bail-in Cascade and Lawsuits
–   Credibility of Bail-in: Can it be properly applied before Believe fades away?
–   Liquidity in and after Resolution: Provisions for restoring Market Confidence?
–   Challenges as regards the Application of MREL and Impediments to Resolution

Cristina Dias, Parliamentary Research Administrator, European Parliament
Boštjan Jazbec, Board Member, Director of Resolution Planning and Decisions, Single Resolution Board
Sven Schelo, Parnter, Linklaters
Reto Schiltknecht, Head of International Affairs and Policy Issues, Recovery and Resolution Division, FINMA
Carola Schuler, Managing Director, Financial Institutions Group, Moody’s
Moderation:  Luís Silva Morais, Professor of Law, University of Lisbon


16:00    Coffee


16:30  Panel  IV  –  Impulses


16:50  Panel  IV  –  Discussion
Risk sharing in the EU: how to ensure common grounds on adequate instruments, institutional frameworks and appropriate procedures

–   What Kind of Institutional Designs create the Right Incentives and Market Discipline to make Risk-Sharing Acceptable and Sustainable?
–   Any Discrepancies between Real and Perceived Redistributive Impact of Risk-Sharing Arrangements?
–   Implicit versus Explicit Risk Sharing: How much Risk-Sharing is already embedded in the Existing Framework?
–   North-South Perceptions: How to find Fair Responses to Burden Sharing and Crisis Management Procedures

Stefano Cappiello, Director General, Banking and Financial System-Legal Affairs, Italian Ministry of Finance
Bertrand Dumont, Deputy Director General of the Treasury, French Ministry for the Economy and Finance
Levin Holle, Director General Financial Markets Policy, German Federal Ministry of Finance
Nicoletta Mascher
, Head of Banking, European Stability Mechanism
Emiliano Tornese, Deputy Head, Resolution and Deposit Insurance Unit, European Commission
Moderation:  Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow, Bruegel and Peterson Institute for International Economics


18:00   Closing

The organisers

18:10   Get together



Information Financial Stability Conference 2018:

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Moody’s is an essential component of the global capital markets, providing credit ratings, research, tools and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets. Moody’s Corporation is the parent company of Moody’s Investors Service, which provides credit ratings and research covering debt instruments and securities, and Moody’s Analytics, which offers leading-edge software, advisory services and research for credit and economic analysis and financial risk management. Both organisations are supported by Moody’s Shared Services.

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The Financial Stability Conferences are international high-profile, policy-oriented public discussion events in the center of Berlin. The comprehensive and topical programs are arranged at a high-class quality level and address topical regulatory, stability, supervisory and institutional issues. The agenda is determined by the organisers.

The line-up of speakers, panelists and moderators comprises about 24 to 28 high-level experts and representatives from authorities, politics, academia and industry at each conference. The events are communicated by various active measures. Via invitations by the organiser, broad as well as focused target groups are reached.

We offer opportunities to present your company or institution in the conference materials, at the conference day, on the webpage and in the report, and ensure reserved places for your company and guests. Following sponsoring opportunities are available: Packages ‘Premium Sponsor’ and ‘Conference Sponsor’. Sponsorships for single cost items could be agreed upon individually. Sponsorings are limited to max. four to six.

Sponsor logos are displayed in the conference materials and at the event day. There is also an exhibition area before the conference hall where sponsors can display own brochures and information material.

After the event a report which includes the sponsor logos is compiled and sent to all participants by email and published online.

  • With a sponsorship your company will have attention via invitations and communications to selected groups of scientists and researchers, experts from regulatory and supervisory authorities, experts from financial institutions, staff of ministries and the political communities in Berlin as well as to experts in European institutions and policy makers.
  • In the program materials and at the event you present your company in an inspiring setting of a high-profile conference with most topical subjects, which will be discussed and examined by high-level experts and representatives in a valuable event frame.
  • With a sponsorship you show awareness and support for the exchange of views, know how-building and public discussion to most relevant issues which have a sustained impact on financial stability, regulation, financial institutions and institutional arrangements in the EU.

>  For prices and details of the sponsoring packages please contact us via email or contact form


feedback participants
feedback participants

“I wanted to congratulate you on a tremendously successful event. I found the entire conference informative, thought-provoking and filled with insights. The program, speakers and panelists were fantastic, each with an interesting perspective. I am at a loss to come up with anything that is not positive. I have tried hard, but I do not even have constructive criticism. I thought the conference had the right mix of practitioners, elected officials, regulators and academics, and the topics were timely, consequential and appropriately varied. Having the private sector like Morgan Stanley and Banco Santander with high level regulators, policy makers and accomplished academics provided a balance of very informed views that provided the attendees with multiple viewpoints.”

Dennis Kelleher, President and CEO, Better Markets

“The Financial Stability Conference is now firmly established as the reference event for informed discussions of European financial services policy in Berlin. I can’t think of another international gathering that achieves a better mix of the key actors and observers of Europe’s banking union, capital markets union, and related policy developments.”

Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow, Bruegel and Peterson Institute for International Economics

“I would like to thank you enormously for the fantastic opportunity which the participation in the Financial Stability workshop has been. I have enjoyed it immensely and echo the praise you have received.”

Agnieszka Smoleńska, PhD Researcher, European University Institute

“Let me thank you and sincerely congratulate you on the quality of the conference you organized. Not only the speakers were extremely qualified but also the subjects were very well chosen. It is not common, in recent times, to have the opportunity to have frank, open and informed discussions on critical European subjects.”

Elisa Ferreira, Vice Governor, Banco de Portugal

“The FRSN‘s Financial Stability Conference has become a fixture in the political and academic calendars across Europe – and rightly so. It provides a unique forum for an informed dialogue between policy-makers, regulators, representatives of the financial sector, academics and the public about financial stability, supervision and regulation. The high-cadre list of speakers at the FSC ensures that discussions are relevant and informed.”

Dr. Matthias Kollatz, Senator for Finance of Berlin

“The Financial Stability Conference is a unique opportunity to meet politicians, regulators, practitioners and academics in a truly international environment to discuss the future of regulation and financial stability. It was my second year attending and I´m still very much impressed by the various and deep insights offered into different ways of thinking about financial stability and by the forward-looking and constructive debates that focus on shaping the future financial system. The Financial Stability Conference is a much needed platform for top international experts to share, discuss and develop valuable ideas and concepts.”

Prof. Stefan Janssen, Professor for Corporate Finance and Banking, Jade University of Applied Science

“Thank you for inviting me for the Financial Stability Conference 2017. It exceeded my expectations, which were already high based on the impressive list of annouced speakers and panelists. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I wish you all the best and I am looking forward to next year’s conference!”

Boudewijn Berger, Head Recovery and Resolution Planning, ABN Amro

“Thank you for organising the conference and for being such a gracious host. I very much enjoyed attending the conference, which provided a great opportunity to both hear the official statements from top policymakers in finance, and engage in more in-depth conversation on the sidelines of the event. I flew to Berlin just for the conference and it was worth it.”

Dr. Peter Knaack, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

“Let me thank you again for the kind words and for putting together and executing a very impressive event. I found the conference very focused, involved all the relevant and interesting people and provided a very good sense of where we stand at this moment.”

Dr. Maria Demertzis, Deputy Director, Brugel

“The conference was excellent with up to date treatments of relevant issues in the current policy debate by participants coming from different backgrounds such as academia, industry and regulators.”

Prof. Xavier Vives, Professor of Economics and Finance, IESE Business School

“The conference has been an optimal venue for discussing the most significant and pressing financial stability concerns. Not only was the meeting an enriching experience in terms of the debate that was generated, but also in relation to the different voices and stakeholders involved. And by this, I am not just referring to panelists or moderators. In fact, the diversity of the audience and the openness regarding the possibility to be part of the event itself reveals the inclusive and transparent approach of the network and is a proof of its commitment towards fostering policy dialogue. On a different note, another aspect that has distinguished the Financial Stability Conference from other events was its dynamism and the fact that it touched upon key topics not just from a theoretical perspective, but from a practical and policy-oriented too. Indeed, the event was a perfect chance to bridge academic and policymaking expertise, two crucial aspects that, unfortunately, are not usually taken into consideration in a comprehensive manner.”

María Cecilia del Barrio Arleo, School of International Studies, University of Trento

“The financial stability conference stands out with its balanced panels composed of experts from different stakeholder groups. It brought valuable insights into regulatory lessons learnt, latest regulatory reforms and ongoing challenges to deal with the trade-off between financial stability and efficiency. The event will certainly spill over into the research community. I recommend it to all researchers who would like to come down from the ivory tower and join forces with politics, industry and NGOs to contribute to a more stable and sustainable financial system. I am looking forward to next year’s conference.”

Prof. Doris Neuberger, Chair of Money and Credit, University of Rostock

“Having attended the Stability Conference in Berlin for the first time this year I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for the whole concept and for the insights it brought me. Having the possibility to attend a conference for free yet still involving such high-level speakers is truly unique and is an experience I hope to repeat again next year.”

Morten Clausen, Policy Officer – Finance, UNI europa

“The Financial Stability Network‘s Annual Conference, now in its fifth year, is a unique event. It brings together senior policymakers, practitioners, academics and civil society representatives for in-depth public discussions on a range of highly topical subjects, eschewing the usual focus on media coverage and industry sponsorship in favour of high-quality discourse and an unusual degree of freedom from political and industry bias.”

Christian Stiefmüller, Senior Policy Adviser, Finance Watch