The Financial Stability Conference (FSC) will not be organised and hold this year given the very uncertainty with Covid-19 developments and related measures. It would also be difficult to compose the programme with a high-level line-up until the summer in these times. But we organise the FSC Research Workshop on 6 November to discuss relevant aspects of envisaged conference topics as well as topical issues in the context of the Corona crisis. The call for policy contribution proposals is available on the workshop page. There might also be arranged a smaller event – sort of experts workshop – during the summer at short notice provided the pandemic is contained. More information on this in due time.


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General registration information FINANCIAL STABILITY CONFERENCES:

Admission to the conference and participation as a guest is without charge or fees. But participation is restricted: Registrations have to be confirmed by the organiser. Without confirmation a registration is not valid. For registration your personal details are requested. A registration email without contact details and affiliation or activity cannot be accepted, even if you receive an invitation from the organisers.

Registrations only via

  • This is the only valid email address for registrations
  • Registrations via any other email are not processed
  • Handling of registrations is done solely by FRS
  • Registration deadline is generally one week before
  • Registrations after this deadline will be disregarded
  • Note that on-site registrations are not possible

The Finanical Stability Conference is a public event. Press will be invited and photos will be taken. The organiser reserves the right to publish photos and documentation of the conference in print, online and audiovisual formats. By registering you consent that you may appear in the online documentation and report.

Kindly inform you that for checking-in you may be asked to show a valid identity card due to organisational and security reasons.

We would appreciate if you could support our non-profit organisation with a donation. If you find our activities senseful and relevant please contact us via and we will send you the bank account details. Donation receipts can be given to donors from Germany.


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The Financial Stability Conferences are international high-profile, policy-oriented public discussion events in the center of Berlin. The comprehensive and topical programs are arranged at a high-class quality level and address topical regulatory, stability, supervisory and institutional issues. The agenda is determined by the organisers.

The line-up of speakers, panelists and moderators comprises about 24 to 28 high-level experts and representatives from authorities, politics, academia and industry at each conference. The events are communicated by various active measures. Via invitations by the organiser, broad as well as focused target groups are reached.

We offer opportunities to present your company or institution in the conference materials, at the conference day, on the webpage and in the report, and ensure reserved places for your company / institution and guests. There are different supporting and sponsoring opportunities available to fund the conference, but as well the research workshop and related activities or the non-profit organisation itself. Sponsorings and contributions for single cost items could be agreed upon individually. Conference sponsorings are limited in number.

Logos of sponsoring institutions and companies are displayed in the conference materials and at the event day. There is also an exhibition area before the conference hall where sponsors can display own brochures and information material.

After the conference a report which includes the sponsor logos is compiled and sent to all participants by email and published online.

  • With a sponsorship your company will have attention via invitations and communications to selected groups of scientists and researchers, experts from regulatory and supervisory authorities, experts from financial institutions, staff of ministries and the political communities in Berlin as well as to experts in European institutions and policy makers.
  • In the program materials and at the event you present your company in an inspiring setting of a high-profile conference with most topical subjects, which will be discussed and examined by high-level experts and representatives in a valuable event frame.
  • With a sponsorship you show awareness and support for the exchange of views, know how-building and public discussion to most relevant issues which have a sustained impact on financial stability, regulation, financial institutions and institutional arrangements in the EU.

>  For prices and details of sponsoring and supporting packages please contact us via email or contact form