Discussions@FRS – run#2  |  23 June 2021  |  9:30 – 12:30 CEST  |  online

FRS is running its second edition of its virtual exchange platform in 2021 to discuss topical issues as well as relevant aspects in the context of the EU Commission’s review of the crisis management and deposit insurance (CMDI) framework, with a special focus on the impediments to the resolution of medium-sized banks.

Discussions@FRS is the exchange platform to be run according to topical issues. As a virtual event it connects people to exchange and debate on specific subjects and aspects of current regulatory and financial stability issues as well as financial market policies in the EU. The format is an open event bringing together policy makers and experts from authorities and institutions with junior and senior scientists, researchers, industry experts as well as the interested public.

Discussions@FRS – run#2 is held as Zoom Webinar online event. No registration required. To attend klick the link at the day and time of the webinar, wait until zoom opens, download and save the zoom file and then doubleclick the file. For attendance you have to insert your name and email address – that’s all.
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Here we will list input, presentations, links and questions we receive in advance of the discussions. Every interested person is invited to contribute and we welcome as well suggestions and interventions on specific issues which appear relevant to the debate.
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Discussions@FRS – run#2
23 June 2021  |  9:30 h – 12:30 h  |  online

Improving the EU’s crisis management and deposit insurance (CMDI) framework:
Digging into the shortcomings and advancing on appropriate instruments


09:30   Welcome | Opening

Martin Aehling, Director, Financial Risk and Stability Network


09:40   Session  I  –  Impulse
Marie Donnay, Head of Unit Resolution and Deposit Insurance, European Commission


09:50   Session  I  –  Discussion
The Commission’s review of the CMDI framework:
How to address weaknesses and impediments to orderly resolution in crisis times?

  • The diversity of insolvency procedures and hierarchies across Member States and tools akin to the BRRD/SRMR: How to make headway on a consistent approach?
  • The intricate issues with AMCs: Design and implementation, funding and state aid, classification and valuation, competition aspects and the responsibility of banks
  • Renationalisation attemps and diminishing credibility: Which policies could rebuild trust in the toolset and how to ensure a workable resolution practice in crisis times?

Boudewijn Berger, Head Recovery and Resolution Planning, ABN Amro
Stefano Cappiello, Director General Banking and Finance, Italian Ministry for the Economy and Finance
Marie Donnay, Head of Unit Resolution and Deposit Insurance, European Commission
Jérôme Reboul, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Banking Affairs, French Ministry of the Economy and Finance
Moderator: Luís Silva Morais, Professor of Law, University of Lisbon


10:50   Break


11:00   Session  II  –  Impulse
Pedro Machado, Director of Resolution Planning and Decisions, Single Resolution Board

11:10   Session  II  –  Discussion
The resolution of medium-sized banks:
What are the obstacles, how shall the toolset be modified and could the FDIC be taken as a blueprint?

  • Unhelpful incentives for national authorities in dealing with failing or likely to fail banks: Which revsions are useful to minimise the use of public funds?
  • Difficult issuance of MREL-instruments: By which means could medium-sized banks meet their minimum requirement for own funds?
  • Could a centralized administrative liquidation tool address the existing gap in the resolution framework for medium-sized banks?

Pedro Machado, Director of Resolution Planning and Decisions, Single Resolution Board
Sven Schelo, Partner, Restructuring and Insolvency, Linklaters
Emiliano Tornese, Unit Resolution and Deposit Insurance, European Commission
Sofia Toscano Rico, Head of Business Model and Capital Adequacy Division, European Central Bank
Moderator: Bart Joosen, Regulatory Counsel Financial Services, Professor of Financial Supervision Law, VU University Amsterdam


12:20   Conclusion
Martin Aehling, Director, Financial Risk and Stability Network


12:30   End

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