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Feedback and Discussion – Financial Stability Conference 2017

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The 5th Financial Stability Conference has been held 18 October 2017 in Berlin. Discussion topics of the event entitled “EU at Crossroads: How to respond to Misalignments in Bank Regulation and achieve a consistent financial Framework?” were the future prospects for cooperation on international banking regulation, the logic of existing regulation, ECB policy as regards financial stability, how to deal with weak banks, and challenges for the completion of an adequate financial architecture in the EU. We invite you to comment and contribute to the course of the conference and to make suggestions for the next event in 2018.

Martin Aehling, Managing Director, Financial Risk and Stability Network

The REPORT of the Financial Stability Conference 2017 is available as download. More information here. Feedback on the 5th conference and ideas for future events are welcome. Existing feedbacks here. Below you find the blog form for comments and suggestions. I appreciate any contributions and ideas for 2018. Thanks!

Some comments as a first input and kick-off for the discussion:

I found the conference very focused, involved all the relevant and interesting people and provided a very good sense of where we stand at this moment. My personal preference is to do a little less and give more time to people. So if I had to choose I may have had panels with one less person. But I must admit, the conversation flowed very nicely. Also, I find the initial interventions very useful…

From our view the topics have been tackled a bit superficial and some views have been repeated. A more concrete questionnaire for the discussants would have made sense. Also a short introduction of a topic with an overview on the positions and current state of the dicsussion would make sense to get a bit deeper into the issues of the debates…

I do not have specific suggestion. Perhaps a format that I saw elsewhere which is effective is to ask one person to draft and present a very short paper, really an executive brief summarizing the different views on a specific issue and taking a stance. This help focussing the following discussion by the panel and helps the audience to get into the topic…

I found the format interesting, especially the ‚impulses‘ for discussions – such a  clever way to focus the discussion generally. Still, for the panel which I found of particular interest, that is competition and efficiency, perhaps precisely focusing the discussion a bit more would I been helpful, maybe by coordinating between the panelists. I thought the key points there were precisely lost in the ‚complexity‘ (although that might have very well been the point!). On a more technical note, perhaps investing in social media would be helpful…

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  • I would appreciate your critics, suggestions and ideas on the Financial Stability Conference.
    Martin Aehling


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