Director (Gesellschafter-Geschäftsführer) of FRS Financial Risk and Stability gGmbH is Martin Aehling as from 1 January 2018. Martin Aehling initiated Financial Risk and Stability Network in 2012, and has been running its activities since then, inter alia the Financial Stability Conferences as the organiser. Partner (Gesellschafter) of FRS is Prof. Stefan Janßen. At foundation of the non-profit organisation until to date Martin Aehling holds 88 percent proportion of the gGmbH. Stefan Janßen holds 12 percent proportion.
We envisage to broaden the group of partners with engaged and committed persons who are close to the mission, objectives and ambitions of the non-profit organisation. We also envisage to install a scientific committee and/or advisory board in due time to the organisation accompanying its activities and giving input for the future development of the non-profit organisation. Such bodies function as advisories to the management and shall not hold participations.

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Martin Aehling

FRS Financial Risk and Stability gGmbH

Martin Aehling has been Director of the non-profit organisation since January 2018. Before, he was Head of Financial Risk and Stability Network. He initiated the initiative and developed activities, in particular the Financial Stability Conferences. Prior, he has been chief editor and advisor for a publishing house in Frankfurt. He also worked as financial journalist, economic editor and author for several media and companies.

Stefan Janßen

Jade University of Applied Sciences

Stefan Janßen is Professor for Corporate Finance and Banking in the Economics Department at Jade University of Applied Sciences since March 2014. He has been working for several regional banks before taking up a position as a supervisor at Deutsche Bundesbank Hanover where he worked from 2004 to 2014.