FLE Working Group

Institutional Research Member since March 2018


FLE (Finance, Law and Economics) Working Group was established under the Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking in 2012. Currently, FLE has more than 400 members with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives throughout the world, and cooperations with diverse institutions. We believe in excellence, collaboration, and innovation. The 2007/8 financial crisis has driven home the importance of interdisciplinary research in finance, law, and economics. FLE creates a forum for discussing the issues these disciplines share. Too many regulators and academics hide in their respective regulatory or disciplinary ‘silos’ and failed to anticipate the disastrous market slumps, given the high social cost of the global crisis!

We are a distinctive interdisciplinary working group, focused on urgent topics in finance, law, and economics. We find solutions to the most complex challenges by embracing a collaborative culture where individuals are supported and treated with respect. We wholeheartedly invite young scholars, academics, practitioners, media, and policy advisors from all disciplines to contribute.

FLE organises a range of events with leading international experts from academia, government, industry, and media – inter alia monthly webinars, skills workshops, conference panels, and lectures on current issues to help our members develop a complete profile. A previous FLE workshop was fully funded and hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Call for Papers

As in previous years, young scholars will come together in Trento during the annual Festival dell’Economia. More information in due time.