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Florin Coman-Kund is an Assistant Professor in European Union law at the Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He conducted extensive research on international and constitutional legal aspects of Union’s external administrative action and actors across various policy areas such as police cooperation, external border management, and aviation safety. He is currently focusing on multi-level and multi-actor regulatory/expertise-based decision-making processes in the context of the rule of law, as well as on vertical and shared enforcement of EU law in financial regulation and supervision, aviation safety, migration, cross-border crime. He is increasingly pursuing legal research in context, through the use of empirical methods and case study research. He is also embarking on interdisciplinary research by integrating legal approaches with insights from other disciplines such as political science, public administration and argumentation theory.

Featured publication

The Transparency of the European Central Bank in the Single Supervisory Mechanism. Credit and Capital Markets 1/2018 (with Anastasia Karatzia and Fabian Amtenbrink). Link

On the scope and limits of the application of national law by the European Central Bank within the Single Supervisory Mechanism. Banking and Finance Law Review 33(2), 133-172. 2018a (with Fabian Amtenbrink).


Research Interests:  EU agencies, EU financial supervisory authorities, EU and global financial regulation and supervision, European Banking Union, EU constitutional and administrative law, EU external relations law, Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Data protection, EU transport policy, Law of the internal market, Law of public international organisations, International treaty law, International administrative law, EU and global governance standards.

Florin Coman-Kund

PhD, Assistant Professor in European Union Law, Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam