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Lars Fischer is a PhD candidate at the Technical University Chemnitz, his doctoral thesis focuses on ring-fencing of high-risk banking activities under the German Banking Act (KWG). With the beginning of his doctoral thesis, he worked for a Berlin based Fintech startup in the field of digitisation of asset management. Currently, Lars Fischer continues his professional development as a research assistant in an international law firm in Berlin, where he has been working in the field of banking and capital markets law since January 2019.

Lars Fischer has studied law at the University of Heidelberg, with semesters abroad at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and the University of Sydney (AU). His legal interests focus on banking supervision and capital markets law. During his studies he worked for an international law firm in Frankfurt in the area of banking and finance.


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Research interests: banking supervision and capital markets law

Lars Fischer

Doctoral Candidate, Technical University Chemnitz