MORAIS, Luís Silva

Member since December 2018


Luís Silva Morais is Full Professor at the University of Lisbon Law School (FDL) and holds the JEAN MONNET Chair on EU Economic Regulation. He is Vice President of ECSA Portugal, and also Founder and Chairman of the Research Centre on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector (CIRSF), a project based on scientific cooperation with the Bank of Portugal, the Portuguese Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds, and the Portuguese Securities Commission. Further, Luís Morais is Vice President of the Institute of Cooperation of FDL, and a non-government advisor at the International Competition Network (ICN). As an academic and researcher Luís Morais participates in various Working Groups and Scientific Committees organised by financial supervisory authorities.

Luís Morais is Founding Partner of Luís Silva Morais | Sérgio Gonçalves do Cabo, a boutique law firm with head office in Lisbon and consultants in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guiné and Western Africa and China (Macau). Luís Morais has represented as attorney-at-law the Portuguese State and Portuguese companies in various cases at the European Court of Justice, and at the General Court (Luxembourg), from 2006 until now – mainly in areas involving the enforcement of EU internal market and financial and economic regulation rules or competition law as well.

Moreover he is Vice Chair of the Appeal Panel of the Single Resolution Board since May 2018, and President of the Supervisory Council of the Portuguese Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds as from October 2018. Luís Morais has been Vice President of the Special Privatization Unit of the Portuguese Ministry of Finance, Member of the Executive Board of the Portuguese Supervisory Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds, and Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary of State of Treasury and Finance in the XIII Portuguese Constitutional Government under the premiership of António Guterres.

Luís Morais has published extensively in the field of EU law and, in particular, financial regulation and supervision, EU competition law and economic regulation in general. One of his most recent publications includes “Models of Financial Supervision in Portugal and the EU”, published by the Bank of Portugal, May 2016.


Key research Interests: Interests and work focus of Luís Morais currently comprehend:

  • Banking resolution (and judicial review of banking resolution);
  • Institutional architecture of financial supervision – in the EU and worldwide;
  • Macroprudential supervision;
  • Insurance supervision (and Solvency II);
  • Interplay between enforcement of competition law in the financial sector and financial regulation and supervision.

Luís Silva Morais

Professor of Law, University of Lisbon Law School