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Results of the EBA stress test

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Although there was no threshold, the exercise revealed capital weaknesses in some banks. Amongst the more weaker banks have been Monte Dei Paschi, Raiffeisen Zentralbank, Banco Popular, Allied Irish Bank,…

Why bank capital matters for monetary policy

In their paper the authors found that higher bank capital is associated with greater lending, and that the mechanism involved in this channel is the lower funding costs associated with better capitalised…

ECB annual report on supervisory activities

reports, supervision
The European Central Bank published its’ second report on supervisiory activities, giving an overview on the organisational set-up, financial stability issues, proceedings and the Single Supervisory Mechanism as well as legal…

Bank solvency and funding cost

The authors examine the sensitivity of bank funding cost to solvency measures. They find that solvency is negatively and significantly related to measures of funding cost, whereas the relationship is stronger…