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Towards the financial stability: myth or reality?

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The contribution gives a general conceptual investigation of financial stability aspects from a policy making, legal, economic and social perspective touching the rights of individuals. The author makes some general suggestions, in particular as regards supranational organisations, in order to achieve an orderly and balanced development of economic, social and monetary relations.

FSC Research Workshop 2018
1 November 2018
Policy paper contribution

Source: Financial Risk and Stability Network

Giulio Peroni, Associate Professor of International Law, University of Milan

PDF  >  Towards the financial stability: myth or reality?

The paper has been prepared as an accompanying contribution to the Financial Stability Conference 2018 held October 31 in Berlin and presented at the FSC Research Workshop the day after at TU Berlin. Researchers from various institutions and with different backgrounds had been invited to draft policy-oriented contributions on selected aspects of the conference to be presented at the workshop, published and enclosed in the conference report.

No abstract or summary.

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