FSC Research Workshop  |  19 Nov. 2021  |  13:00 – 16:45 h  |  online

The FSC Research Workshop 2021 will be held on 19 November in conjunction with the Financial Stability Conference (FSC) as an online event. Researchers and scholars in the EU and beyond were invited to submit policy contribution proposals on aspects of the four thematic clusters of the FSC. We reviewed submitted policy proposals and selected the most promising for drafting contributions (or reworking existing papers), presentation and discussion at the workshop.

The workshop is an open event bringing together senior and junior scientists and researchers with experts from authorities and institutions, citizens and industry experts. It deepens critical aspects of the FSC discusion topics. The motto is ‘science to policy’ and the format encourages participants to take part in current debates.

FRS Research Workshop 2021  –  PROGRAMME
19 Nov. 2021   |   13:00 – 16:45  CET   |   online

Policy-oriented workshop to address topical aspects in the given 4 thematic clusters of the call for policy contributions.

The workshop discusses relevant aspects in the context of corona crisis, climate change risks and crisis management. The challenge is to give a brief and focused policy-oriented presentation to a mixed audience in a clear and structured way. Presenters are encouraged to focus on reasoning, conclusions and policy options in a way that non-academics understand. A general request is to refrain from model explaining, but to highlight policy-oriented aspects. Thus, the workshop is as well intended to bring scientists closer to policy debates.

Programme schedule:

13:00   Welcome
Martin Aehling, Director, Financial Risk and Stability Network


13:10   Session  I
Working title (proposal): Covid-19: what determines financial policy responses?
Elias Bengtsson, Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg
>  Policy paper for download
13:25   Discussant:  Bart Joosen, Professor of Financial Supervision Law, VU University Amsterdam
13:35   Q&A audience
13:55   END of the session

Moderation:  N.N.


14:00   Session  II
Working title (proposal): ECB significant bank risk profile and Covid-19 crisis containment phase: what approach in the transitioning phase?
Dalvinder Singh, School of Law, University of Warwick
> Policy paper for download
14:15   Discussant: N.N.
14:25   Q&A audience
14:45   END of the session

Moderation: Arnoud Boot, Professor of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, University of Amsterdam


14:45   Break


15:00   Session  III
Stress testing the climate: designing scenarios for sustainable development goals
Stavros Pantos, PhD Candidate, University of Reading
> Policy paper for download
15:15   Discussant: N.N.
15:25   Q&A audience
15:45   END of the session

Moderation: N.N.


15:50   Session  IV
Too green, not green enough? A plea for greater coordination of central banks’ greening in the EU
Agnieszka Smoleńska, Associate Researcher, European Banking Institute
> Policy paper for download
16:05   Discussant: Maria Nieto, Bank of Spain
16:15   Q&A audience
16:35   END of the session

Moderation: Stefan Janßen, Professor for Corporate Finance and Banking, Jade University of Applied Sciences


16:35   Closing
Stefan Janßen, Professor for Corporate Finance and Banking, Jade University of Applied Sciences


16:45   Workshop END


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